Latest Madden 22 title update includes much-anticipated Franchise mode upgrades

The long delay is over.

After a month-long delay, Madden 22 will be getting its promised Franchise upgrade. On October 12, EA Sports announced that the latest title update for Madden 22 went live, and this one included the highly anticipated upgrades to Franchise mode that were promoted by Electronic Arts this past summer.

The major update to Franchise Mode was marketed earlier this year as a response to the #FixMaddenFranchise movement that sparked on social media in 2020. While some tweaks were made to Franchise in Madden 21, most were minor in nature.

This year, EA promised to implement a substantial number of new additions to the mode, and most of the additions were with this update. Among those changes include the ability to hire, fire, and assign regional and national scouts, as well as the addition of a new system for uncovering the attributes and potentials of NFL prospects. Also, some prospects will rise or fall in the ranking every year, based on player performances in the NCAA.

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The newest update also included a number of non-Franchise upgrades, ranging from new player likeness scans to the addition of The Yard: Ranked. EA has now implemented an online Ranked mode to The Yard, as players can now earn player gear, Cred, and MUT packs while also obtaining Tier Points through completing in-game objectives. Per EA, Tier Points will be used towards placing players on the online leaderboard in The Yard.