Madden 22 Franchise Mode will still get updates, EA Sports says

The cancellation rumors are false.

Image via EA

If you’ve heard the rumors about Madden 22 not receiving Franchise Mode updates, don’t worry — they’re not true. Despite a “slightly less ambitious” content roadmap for this year’s football game, Franchise Mode isn’t getting benched.

That quote comes from an IGN interview with Madden’s executive producer Seann Graddy, who said the team will be focusing on key features rather than adding “a brand new mode” or things like that to the game. Sports Gamers Online then cited this interview and reported that Madden 22 Franchise Mode updates were canceled. But that’s false.

This sequence of events has concluded with a statement from an EA spokesperson to IGN. Their words are very clear: “We do not like to comment on rumors or speculation; however, we are committed to continuing to improve Franchise as a part of our ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond. This includes two upcoming Franchise updates that we’ll deliver in Madden NFL 22. We will have more details on the updates in the new year.” There’s no ambiguity there — Madden 22 will have Franchise Mode updates.

That’s a good thing since we said the game still needs some work in our review. New content like Bo Jackson in Ultimate Team and the Scouting update in Franchise mode has been added. So, while the focus is still firmly on Ultimate Team, there have been some updates made across Madden 22’s host of modes.