Looks like Zacian will be taking up the blade in Pokémon Unite soon

Who’s a good boy?

Screenshot via The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The misty fields, the destroyed sword, and the ominous atmosphere of the latest teaser for Pokémon Unite have convinced fans that the Legendary wolf Pokémon, Zacian, is coming to the mobile game. Zacian is one of the two good boy boxed Legendary Pokémon of Sword and Shield, with Zacian representing the sword. The sword wolf Pokémon has always been highly in-demand for Pokémon Unite, and it now appears that players will finally get their wish.

The teaser was first shared on the official Pokémon UK Twitter account, showing off a spooky video of a lone sword surrounded by mist in a mysterious forest. The sword’s tip is blurred by the smog, but the scratched-up handle and the damaged hilt show the weapon is the Rusted Sword from Sword and Shield. The Rusted Sword in the games is a Key Item needed to transform Zacian into its Crowned Sword form, giving it the steel-typing. The Rusted Sword is found deep in the misty forest of the Slumbering Weald in the Galar region, which is also where players first meet Zacian in Pokémon Sword.

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While no gameplay footage has been released showing off Zacian, since it’s a Pokémon that uses a sword to attack, it will most likely be an Attacker-type Pokémon in Unite. Attackers are fighter types that focus on offensive strikes yet have lower HP and defenses than other Pokémon. While there haven’t been any teases yet, fans assume Zacian’s partner, Zamazenta, will join Unite later to complete the Sword and Shield duo. Zamazenta is Zacian’s opposite, having a shield body and would likely be a Defender-type Pokémon in Unite.

The most recent Pokémon to be added to Unite was Comfey, the fairy-type Pokémon that uses flowers to attack. Many people are predicting Zacian will officially be revealed during the upcoming Pokémon Presentation on Pokémon Day. In addition to Zacian, some fans hope the leaked DLC content for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will finally be unveiled during Pokémon Day.