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Fans brace for Scarlet and Violet DLC announcement as Pokémon Day dated for later this month

The big day is coming.

Fans are clamoring for the inevitable DLC announcement for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, with many looking at the upcoming Pokémon Day as a prime opportunity for a reveal. The Pokémon Company has opened a new site called Pokémon Together, promoting a new hashtag for fans to share pictures on social media. Participating fans of the Pokémon Together hashtag have a chance to be included in an interactive mosaic released on Pokémon Day, February 27.

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The Pokémon Together hashtag and mosaic are the only confirmed things for Pokémon Day this year. Pokémon Day generally features a Pokémon Presentation, and 2022’s Presentation featured a hefty dose of Pokémon announcements, including the official reveal of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which were officially released in November 2022 to record-breaking sales numbers. Still, no DLC for the game has been announced yet.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield received an expansive DLC pass with new areas for players to explore. Paradox forms of Virizion and Suicune have already been leaked, meaning it’s only a matter of time before The Pokémon Company states something official about the upcoming DLC. With a new Pokémon Generation likely not getting announced in this year’s Pokémon Day, the DLC would make the most sense to be the focal point for this year’s Presentation. 

Pokémon fans should also expect news on other Pokémon properties for 2023’s Pokémon Day. Pokémon Go, Pokémon Unite, Pokémon Café, and Pokémon Masters had tie-in events that corresponded with Pokémon Day 2022. Pokémon Sword and Shield had a special Max Raid Event starring the Kanto starter Pokémon in 2022, so players should anticipate a special Terra Raid Battle Event. Additional information on the new Pokémon anime featuring new protagonists Liko and Roy could also be revealed during Pokémon Day, plus a sneak peek at Ash’s final adventures in the Pokémon TV series.

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