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How to play Comfey in Pokémon Unite

A Comfey-table healing supporter!

Pokémon Unite has Comfey as a Supporter, who reached the monster-taming franchise’s surprise hit MOBA title in a February update. Players will recognize the Fairy-type from Pokemon Sun and Moon, where it also held a nearly identical role to its current Unite form, which features a heavy theming around supporting the team using grass and fairy moves, with considerable healing capabilities.

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Comfey’s main strengths in Unite lie in cooperative play, so you’ll be best off slotting into the Bottom lane and pairing up to get the most out of the heals and disables found in its diverse moveset and taking advantage of Comfey’s Triage passive, which grant Flowers, a kind of resource Comfey uses to increase the benefits of its various moves. You’ll see from Confey’s in-game stat breakdown that it really only shines when attaching itself to another Pokemon in lane, usually a strong Attacker or All-Rounder, and has some decent mobility to boot that can help with some tight adjustments or quick resets.

Comfey moveset choices and Unite Move

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As for moves, Comfey will learn both Synthesis and Vine Whip at levels 1 and 2, in whichever order you choose. Synthesis will allow Comfey to “attach” to a designated ally Pokemon, granting a shield and some healing over time, while Vine Whip is a ranged special attack that will deal some damage and slow targets within the line’s area of effect (AoE).

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At level 4, players will need to decide whether to opt for some better heals or hindrances by choosing between Floral Healing (an upgraded Synthesis) and Sweet Kiss (instead of healing, it grants shield and pulls opposing Pokemon closer against their will) respectively.

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For level 6, another choice will need to be made between Magical Leaf and Grass Knot, the former offering a ranged area special attack, which stuns an opposing Pokemon if hit six times by the leaves. The latter unleashes vines that damage and immobilize up to two of the enemy team.

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Last, but certainly not least is Comfey’s Unite Move — Flowery Fields Forever, a tactical ultimate that sees Comfey raise a large area of tall grass at a designated location, where ally Pokemon within will continually recover HP, granting more Flowers from Comfey’s passive, a self-shield and a boost to movement speed. You’ll want to time this just right during team fights to get the most out of it, not just for the heals, but the free stealth it offers your allies to snipe and stun enemies from. It also pairs well with Eldegoss’ Unite move to grant maximum disturbance and heals if the enemy is foolish enough to enter the grass.

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The best ways to play Comfey

To get the most out of playing as Comfey, players will need to get used to taking a back seat on DPS and focus on maxing out stacks of Triage in order to trigger the most healing and shields for the ally Pokemon they attach to. Comfey builds usually shape up in two ways: either as a Healer/Interrupter opting for Floral Healing and Magical Leaf, or as a Shielder/Immobizer taking advantage of the disruption and stuns from Sweet Kiss and Grass Knot, these pairs synergize well together. Watch out for Comfey’s hard counters, as one-shotters like Absol and Gengar will tear through Comfey’s abysmal defense stat if you’re caught out alone.

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Comfey is classed as a Novice pick, acting as a great ranged support for new players to the Supporter role, and is currently available for purchase with 575 Aeos Coins in-game.

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