Madden 22: How to complete Most Feared Champion and Hero Sets

Welcome to your worst nightmare.

Image via EA Sports

With the Halloween season officially upon us, Madden 22 has kicked off its Most Feared promo, which features nightmarish versions of players in MUT and new cosmetics to pick up in The Yard. Among this selection of new players are a brand new set of Champion and Hero Sets for players to complete and get a host of 90 and 92 OVR players into their club. Let’s look at what you need to do to complete the Sets.

How to complete 92 OVR Most Feared Champion Sets

There are four different Champion Set players from this first batch of the promo. The group is made up of Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry, Cincinnati Bengals FS Jessie Bates III, Dallas Cowboys LG Larry Allen, and the Baltimore Ravens legend Ed Reed at ROLB. Reed usually plays SS in MUT, so this position change is great for players looking to add some coverage to their linebacking corps.

To complete each of these sets, you need to submit three 90 OVR Most Feared players. Alongside unlocking the player and his Power Up, you’ll get your choice of three NCAT 90 OVR players. That’s not a terrible haul for the price, especially if you really want one of the four Champion players.

How to complete 90 OVR Most Feared Hero Sets

The list of Hero Set players is a little lengthier than the Champions. Here are all of the players you can earn:

  • Corey Davis
  • Dererk Carr
  • Jeremy Chinn
  • Jonathan Allen
  • Leighton Vander Esch
  • Shaq Mason
  • Xavier Rhodes
  • Stephon Tuitt

To unlock any of those players you need to exchange two 87 OVR Most Feared Elites and three 85 OVR Most Feared Elites. This will unlock both that player and their Power Up card. You can also use lower-rated cards to work your way up to these higher OVR Most Feared cards by completing lesser Sets. Here are all of the sets available.

  • 87 OVR Most Feared Elite – Exchange one 85 MF Elite, one 83 OVR MF Elite, and three 81 OVR MF Elite to earn a choice of an 87 OVR MF Elite.
  • 85 OVR Most Feared Elite – Exchange one 83 OVR MF Elite, two 81 OVR MF Elite, and two 78-79 OVR MF players to earn a choice of an 85 OVR MF Elite.
  • 83 OVR Most Feared Elite – Exhange one 81 OVR MF Elite and four 78-79 OVR MF players to earn a chioce of an 83 OVR MF Elite.
  • 81 OVR Most Feared Elite – Exchange two 78-79 OVR MF players and three 75-79 MF players to earn a choice of an 81 OVR MF Elite.
  • 81+ OVR Most Feared Elite – Exchange two 80-82 OVR players and six 75-79 OVR players to earn a choice of an 81+ OVR MF Elite.

Alongside all of these players and sets, you can complete different objectives to earn more packs and players. You can hop into Challenges to unlock packs in MUT, but there is also a new set in The Yard that gives you two 90 OVR Most Feared players. Before you start completing them though, make sure you have the Most Feared helmet equipped. You’ll need to buy this from the Madden Store for either 50,000 Cred or 1,000 EA Points. Here are the four objectives:

  • 500+ Pass yard
  • Sack QB 5 times
  • Lateral 15 times
  • Get 3 Pick 6’s

Completing each of these will give you a collectible. Once you have all four, head back into your MUT Sets and submit them to unlock the players. Though, it’s important to note that you won’t get the players until the end of the Most Feared promo, which means you’ll also be able to select players from the second and third batch.