Mario Kart Tour Downloaded 123.9 Million Times In First Month | Earns 37.4 Million In Revenue


New data shows that Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 123.9 Million in its first month, and has accumulated 37.4 million dollars.

Mario Kart is a car-racing video game franchise that features the cast of the Mario games. Mario Kart Tour is a new game in the series that is for mobile devices. The game has had a variety of different reactions from gamers, with a common complaint being towards the cost of specific features in the game.

It was already revealed that Tour gained 90 million downloads in its first week, and made 12 million dollars. Now that the game has been out for a month, Sensor Tower shared the most recent data for the game. The latest data of the game shows that it has gained around 123.9 million unique downloads in its first month. Tour has completely overshadowed every other Nintendo mobile game in terms of downloads. Super Mario Run, which has Nintendo’s second-highest download in its first month, only had 21.8 million unique downloads in its first month.

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In terms of revenue, Tour made around $37.4 million, which means it earned an average of $0.26 per player. While it is more than Dr. Mario World’s $0.19 per player, it is less than Dragalia Lost’s $16.50 per player in its first month. Tour’s first-month revenue also pales in comparison to Fire Emblem Heroes’, which earned $67.6 million on its launch month.

This is still impressive numbers for Mario Kart Tour, and the game is keeping up the momentum by adding in new course and racers. Fans of the game can expect more in the coming months.