Mario Kart Tour to get a $4.99 a Month Gold Pass


Mario Kart Tour will be getting its version of a season pass when the game launches very soon, charging players up to $4.99 a month to get a selection of exclusive items.

By being a part of the monthly program, players can earn Gold Gifts through races in yours, unlock a set of gold in-game badges, and race in the exclusive 200cc mode only available to subscription holders.

Some karts, racers, and other items will also only be available to buyers of the program. The game also then has additional microtransaction elements in the form of gacha karts and characters, so anyone wanting to collect everything will need to put down a small fortune.

It appears that, with the announcement, Nintendo is diving heavily into Microtransactions with this title and expect to make a lot of money out of it. While the game can still be enjoyed entirely for free, don’t expect to have the full experience unless you are willing to put money towards it.