Rosalina and Rainbow Road Are Coming To Mario Kart Tour Tomorrow


Rosalina and Rainbow Road will be coming to Mario Kart Tour tomorrow when the new update, and the new Cup, arrives. Rosalina appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. She lived in the game’s hub world, the Comet Observatory. After Bowser attacks the Observatory, she agrees to help Mario save Princess Peach if he helps her to collect Power Stars.

Rainbow Road is a classic Mario Kart course that has appears in many Mario Kart games over the years — appearing first in Super Mario Kart on the SNES. The course is often depicted as floating in space and is made up of brightly colored blocks that give it its name. We don’t know yet which iteration of the course will appear in the game, or if there will be multiple versions of the course available.

Despite some launch issues, and a degree of pushback around the game’s microtransactions and Gold Pass, Mario Kart Tour is looking like a great success for Nintendo, racking up millions of players since it launched two weeks ago.

Rosalina will most likely arrive in-game with her kart and glider, and no doubt, all three of them will be introduced as loot from firing the pipe, the game’s mechanism by which you can get new drivers, gliders, and karts.

We will be covering all the new content that arrives in the game tomorrow, including the new Challenges, so make sure you check back with us if you need any help completing them.