Mario’s movie design may have been leaked — by a McDonald’s employee?

The Golden Arches might have given us the first look at Mario’s movie design.

Image via Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. movie has left Mario fans wondering what the film will be like. With the upcoming movie trailer dropping on October 6, people are wondering what will Mario’s voice sound like and how the character will look. Despite years of Mario video game releases, Mario’s appearance might not be identical to the game designs.

Today, Mario fans may have their answer to Mario’s appearance in the movie, and it’s thanks to a McDonald’s employee. An image of Mario as he would appear in the movie appears to be on display in promotional McDonald’s material.

In the Discord server for streamer ConnorEatsPants, a member who happens to work at McDonald’s dropped an image into the chat that shows some McDonald’s promotional material. One picture that appeared to be part of a calendar item shows Mario, which looks similar to the animated version shown in the announcement for Thursday’s Nintendo Direct.

Mario’s appearance doesn’t look too different from his appearance in video games. It’s not dissimilar to what his appearance would look like in games such as Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope. There were going to be differences in the animation model, but the image shown on the promotional material is close to what most people would expect Mario to look like.

While a still image provides us with a first look at Mario’s movie appearance, seeing him move around and speak will give us a better impression of what Mario will look like in the movie. The Super Mario Bros. movie trailer is premiering on October 6 during a Nintendo Direct and New York Comic-Con.

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The Super Mario Bros. movie isn’t going to hit theaters until early 2023, but the trailer should give us a good first look at what content will be in the film, what the story will be about, and the appearance of some prominent characters.