Marvel’s Avengers fans are already unhappy with Spider-Man a week before his release

The wait was not worth it.

Image via Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers is bringing Spider-Man exclusively to PlayStation platforms next week. This should have been cause for celebration, but Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix can’t catch a break with the live service title. Following the introduction and subsequent removal of paid consumables, Spider-Man’s impending arrival is the latest controversy plaguing Marvel’s Avengers.

Following IGN’s exclusive gameplay reveal, the negative reactions began pouring in instantly. Animations are a huge part of selling a character’s combat, especially in a game with such iconic superheroes. On its own, Spider-Man’s animations appear stiff and seem to lack the style and momentum that gives the web-swinger his identity. Unfortunately, comparisons are especially damning for Marvel’s Avengers because he is an exclusive character to a platform that features what many consider the gold standard of Spider-Man games.

Twitter user EditorMZ stated, “This Spider-Man from Avengers game feels like a PS2 era Spider-Man.” This sentiment is commonly shared, with many online comments under snippets of the combat and web-swinging remarking on the substandard animations.

The animations are only part of the controversy, however. There’s also the matter of how his content has been integrated into the game. He won’t feature a traditional story like Kate Bishop or Black Panther. Rather, the Spider-Man story is told through audio logs and cutscenes that unlock after completing multiplayer challenges.

As expected, fans are disappointed after waiting so long for the opposite of what they expected. Twitter user Sabine_Figaro expressed extreme discontent, writing, “Completely worthless then. Gotcha. Thanks for the exclusivity and the year-long wait.”

The amount of negative attention surrounding the introduction of Spider-Man to Marvel’s Avengers is immense. Some comments are relatively harmless, poking fun at it. Others are a bit more morose, claiming that they can envision the game dying soon after this. As of right now, Crystal Dynamics hasn’t responded to any of the criticism.