Marvel’s Avengers March update brings back Nick Fury, no 2022 roadmap yet

Maybe the director of SHIELD can give the game some direction.

Image via Crystal Dynamics

The rumor mill is churning out reports of She-Hulk coming to Marvel’s Avengers, and while that’s not yet been confirmed, we do know what’s coming in the next update. At least one Marvel character will be making a comeback.

Crystal Dynamics published its February developer update, giving us a preview of what’s to come in the co-op live service game. The biggest addition is Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD, who hasn’t been seen in the game since A-Day, the event that kicked off the game’s plot. Crystal Dynamics says he’ll be “returning to coordinate future Avengers Initiative missions alongside Director Hill.” Whether that’s done through telecommunication or in person on the helicarrier, it’ll be good to see Fury back in action.

Nick Fury is returning as part of patch 2.3, “currently planned to release in March.” The update will also re-work the War Table, changing how missions are found, selected, and launched. Crystal Dynamics’ goal is to make it all flow more smoothly for new players. You’ll also be able to earn Gear Sets “through a wider set of [new] activities” and Units through end-game activities. Additionally, weekly rewards will be extended to Mega Hives.

This information was shared as a “sneak peek” of the next patch, but it also substitutes for a more substantial content roadmap. Crystal Dynamics “[isn’t] ready to reveal” that yet. For comparison, the game’s 2021 roadmap wasn’t revealed until March of that year, so the studio still has some time before it falls behind its previous pace.