Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod gives players a happier ending

Not that anyone had any issues with the original ending, of course.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note: This post contains spoilers for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

It’s probably fair to say that the ending to the original Mass Effect trilogy was met with some resistance from fans. The developers did patch in an updated version of it in response to criticism, but for many players, it was too little too late. Some hoped for more substantial changes when Mass Effect Legendary Edition released last year, but it seems that was a bridge too far. Until, that is, the game’s modding community got their hands on it.

Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod, an updated, Legendary Edition-compatible version of a much-loved Mass Effect 3 mod, substantially reworks the ending to the series by tweaking cutscenes, restoring cut content, and overhauling some Codex entries. Significant changes include Shepard’s survival, the preservation of the mass relays and synthetic life, and the incorporation of extra Codex entries that more fully explain the purpose and functionality of the Crucible, which are more in line with the vision of Mass Effect writer Chris Hepler.

The mod can be installed at any point prior to Mass Effect 3’s confrontation with the Illusive Man and supports any and all available Mass Effect 3 romances for certain ending scenes. So if you feel like your Shepard deserves a slightly more uplifting ending, head over and give it a go.