Metro Exodus Will “Blow Up” Your GPU, Here’s New Rush of Details About Graphics


Metro Exodus is being at the center of a monthly coverage by Game Informer, and from time to time – thanks to this coverage – we have more details about what we should expect from the game once it releases this fall.

According to 4A Games, the team is once again trying to push the boundaries in terms of graphics, in the effort to set a brand new golden standard for titles releasing on PC and higher spec consoles on the market. Specifically, the target for Xbox One X is set for a 4K native resolution and HDR, while PS4 Pro particulars haven’t been disclosed yet.

Metro Exodus Dev Comment On PC Specs And Performance

“Hopefully we’re able to keep the Metro games as a standard for everyone’s benchmarking needs,” said executive producer Jon Bloch says, smiling. “We love blowing up video cards.”

Talking about the details, Game Informer also gave a brief idea at what’s coming into the game in comparison with earlier entries in the franchise. According to the magazine, “as someone who recently played through the Redux versions of both 2033 and Last Light, games that still look utterly fantastic, the jump in visual quality is still impressive.”

Among the specifics, GI says Exodus features an “increased detail of textures on the objects on the ground,” noticing “how the light cuts through the radioactive fog of Moscow” thanks to “what the new engine affords the game.”

On top of that, “environments” are said to be “lusher,” “the character models were more detailed, and there was a significant improvement in character and creature animation compared to the stiffer models in both 2033 and Last Light.”

It looks like Metro Exodus is running in the right direction, and hopefully, this’ll allow it to be the great game the series from 4A Games deserves to be as a wrap up for the trilogy.

Source: GameInformer