Best Metro Game, All Metro Games Ranked

Metro franchise has been a part of the gaming world since its debut in 2010. After several great sequels, we’ll rank the games from worst to best.

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The journey of Artyom is grim, but it is worth it to those who got the chance to play through his journey since 2010. Living in underground subways is never easy, and many people would take their chances with the mutants if it meant missing out on the sun and clean air. Fortunately, we deal with the best parts, and everything else is just window dressing in an otherwise excellent series of games.

Despite being adapted from a novel, the Metro series is known for its excellent gameplay and tightly crafted story. It’s not every day that a game series can claim that they’ve had three critically acclaimed releases. 4A Games can add that particular feather to their cap after the masterful job they’ve done up till now. As a celebration for twenty-three years, we’ll rank the games from good to great.

5. Metro 2023

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Despite being the grandmommy of it all, the classic makes it first on the list. Despite the nostalgia, the game is still well-made, even by today’s standards. The pacing is excellent overall, and the intro throws you into action while giving you a good look into the world and characters. Graphically, the game was amazing for the time, and Redux did a fantastic job updating everything to look better.

The gameplay was solid, and the combat pacing lent itself well to the desperation of surviving against the mutant abominations in the setting. The dialogue was generic overall but entertaining. Some players came into the game not knowing what to expect, but 2033 did a great job introducing players to the world.

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4. Metro Exodus

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Metro Exodus is the number two game on our list and the most divergent in the series. With this entry, 4A Games attempted to use more “emergent” gameplay to spice up the formula. Some players’ main problem was the need for more straightforward objectives and unskippable dialogue. The physics was also a problem, and particular objects were a pain to navigate around.

With all that said, Metro Exodus was beautiful, and unsurprisingly, the world design was at the series’ apex. Like many games at the time, the developers opted to move into several more miniature open worlds instead of the linear design of past games. Overall, it was a worthwhile sequel to the next game.

3. Metro Exodus – The Two Colonels DLC

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One of two DLCs for Metro: Exodus, The Two Colonels is an excellent continuation of the story from a different point of view. Instead of playing as Artyom, we take on the viewpoint of Colonel Khlebnikov, whose role is more complex than what we’re used to. The story is told over time and ends with the Aurora arriving at Novosibirsk. As for everything else, it’s the same gameplay as its parent title.

2. Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story (DLC)

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Sam’s Story takes a more emotional approach to post-apocalyptic storytelling. Poor Sam wants to have his family back and return home to the USA, but like most action-oriented settings, the pathway home is a challenge. Luckily, the gameplay found in the main game is still fully intact, and the graphics still look phenomenal. The game features new weapons and multiple endings and is a great sendoff for the Metro: Exodus trilogy.

1. Metro: Last Light

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The title that took the series to a new level, Metro: Last Light, took everything in the first game and improved it exponentially. From graphics to gameplay, everything carries a lot of attention to detail. Some of the combat sequences are some of the best action sequences in gaming.

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Even more impressive is how the development team at 4A Games inserted more eerie elements into the overall atmosphere. It also had its weird elements, such as unexplained nudity and some lackluster boss fights, but that’s relatively minor compared to the good stuff.