14 Glorious Looking Metro Exodus Screenshots From GameInformer


Metro Exodus was named the cover story of GameInformer March 2018 issue and it was just a matter of time before details from it started to appear on the internet and this is exactly what has happened. A total of 14 brand new screenshots of Metro Exodus has been leaked from the GI’s latest issue showing environments and surrounding, the lead protagonist and many other things. As far as graphics and visuals are concerned, Metro Exodus looks absolutely stunning. You guys can check out the screenshots below.

Metro Exodus GameInformer Screenshots Leaked

Metro Exodus was announced at E3 2017 Xbox Press Conference. The events in the game are set in 2036, on a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been devastated by a nuclear war over 20 years ago in 2013. The game continues the story from Metro: Last Light’s “Redemption” ending. Similar to the previous two games in the franchise, the player takes the role of 22-year-old Artyom who flees the Metro in Moscow and sets off on a continent-spanning journey with Spartan Rangers to the far east.

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According to the details revealed by the developer, each city that features in Metro Exodus measure between 3 to 4 Square Kilometer. Also, the game is targeting 4K resolution on Xbox One X, and the footage that was released at E3 2017 was running on PC (you can watch the footage below again).