Metroid Dread: Nintendo teases the Varia Suit and extreme cold

The power-up has been present in every Metroid game so far.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Nintendo

Metroid Dread is Samus Aran’s next 2D adventure, and it’s sure to equip the bounty hunter with plenty of new alien tech. There will be plenty of returning power-ups too, and it seems the ever-present Varia Suit is one of them.

Nintendo teased the return of the Varia Suit on Twitter with a brief gameplay clip and a cheeky message. The short video shows Samus shooting open a door and stepping into an extremely cold room, where her energy begins to drain while a warning sound blares. Nintendo joked about the situation, saying, “Even legendary bounty hunters could use a coat sometimes…or a timely suit upgrade.” The implied upgrade there is the Varia Suit.

The suit, which has been present in every Metroid game, is one of Samus’ most essential upgrades. It significantly reduces the damage she receives, but perhaps more importantly, it allows her to survive in areas of extreme temperature. This was first utilized in Super Metroid, where Samus could only explore blisteringly hot zones with proper protection. The Twitter video shows a cold room, so we’ll have to see if Dread features any fiery chambers too.

The Varia Suit is one of many returning power-ups in Metroid Dread. Samus also has her signature missiles and bombs, which Nintendo recently confirmed can be used for infinite bomb jumping. Her vast arsenal also includes new abilities like a slide, which will surely come in handy for fleeing from the game’s EMMI robots.

So when can you try out all of these for yourself? Well, the release date of Metroid Dread isn’t too far off — it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on October 8.