Metroid Dread overview trailer showcases Samus Aran’s vast arsenal

Samus is ready for this adventure.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread launches on October 8 for Nintendo Switch. As the next game in the long-running Metroid series, Dread takes things back to the series’ 2D roots, while delivering some new twists and turns for everyone’s favorite galactic bounty hunter. In Dread’s latest trailer, the developers show off some of the new tools Samus will have at her disposal.

As fans would expect, Samus still has access to her powerful arm cannon and missile launcher. Plus, she can still jump around with precision and style. However, she has a few more tricks up her sleeve. One that we saw in the trailer is her new slide ability that lets her get under walls at will. She also has a new melee counter that is devastating in the hands of a skilled player. That’s just the beginning though.

The trailer showed off things like the Spider Magnet, Morph Ball, Flash Shift, and Storm Missile, among others. All of these tools give Samus new avenues in both combat and exploration, paving the way for a classic Metroid experience.

We also got a better look at the E.M.M.I. These high-powered robots hunt down Samus, tracking her movement through sound. They are a tough task for any player. You’ll need to make use of all of Samus’ abilities to escape their pursuit. The trailer showed off a few different types of E.M.M.I. but didn’t provide any details about what the different types do.

Those are the kind of secrets players will have to uncover for themselves on October 8. Check out the trailer below to see all of the abilities in action.

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