Mid-October Ghost of Tsushima update delivering New Game+, loadouts, and more items

And it’s all free!

Image via Sucker Punch

The summer may be over, but the games it brought upon on us aren’t. This certainly goes for Ghost of Tsushima, with PlayStation’s YouTube channel revealing the massive new 1.1 update for the Sucker Punch title. With this patch, players will experience a new co-op mode and see an outstanding amount of changes in the single-player campaign.

Aside from the devilishly challenging co-op Legends Mode, on October 16, the game will add on New Game+ and a convenient new loadout system. In New Game+, users will be able to keep their items and abilities from past saves but will have the opportunity to unlock a number of new materials from the never-before-seen Ghost Flower Merchant.

Through this merchant, Jin can purchase a handful of new armors, dyes, and charms – which are said to be more powerful than any other that came before. With so many options for killer customization, players can now save each of their loadouts and switch between them at any moment. Thus, you’ll no longer have to remove all your items to begin a new build.

More welcomed additions include a fourth optional horse, new filters inside of Photo Mode, and also a function that allows you to see your total playtime when loading a file. All of the new content mentioned will come at no charge, but there is no word yet on how big the update’s file size will be.

Video via PlayStation’s YouTube channel