Minecraft Player Brilliantly Meshes Genres With Dark Souls & Bloodborne Build

Using Minecraft, one player has taken their love for Dark Souls and Bloodborne to a never before seen level.


Image via Potomy on Twitter

For many, Minecraft is an incredible game for a plethora of reasons. What most of those reasons boil down to, though, is the openness and creativity to build whatever you want, like a giant Gothic skyline.

We’ve seen plenty of examples of amazing and enormous Minecraft builds in the past that break all sense of logic the game should have. Massive libraries are making banned books accessible to those who can’t get at them, and an ongoing recreation of the city of Ba Sing Se from The Last Avatar anime series. Now, one player has added to that list a colossal Dark Souls and Bloodborne-inspired city.

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Player Builds Dark, Imposing Cityscape Inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne in Minecraft

A player by the name of Potomy recently shared their latest Minecraft build, and there’s no other word for it than awe-inspiring. This thing is huge, towering over even the hope of seeing the horizon, providing a sense of impending doom that Bloodborne and Dark Souls fans will be very familiar with.

The area shown in the images above seems to be heavily inspired by the bridge in Central Yharnam, the location in Bloodborne where players face off against the Cleric Beast. It’s crazy how accurately Potomoy has captured the area because we recognized it straight away.

It’s not just us who are impressed, though. Minecraft fans have been replying to the thread on social media to show their respect. “Me: Yeah, I dabble in Minecraft Architecture. The OP: ” It’s hard to put into words any sort of comment that appropriately reflects the sheer amount of work required to do this build.

Some fans are even offering to pay to access the build. “BRO, I would pay money to walk around this world.” Considering the state that the Dungeons & Dragons DLC for Minecraft launched in, many players would probably gladly take Potomy’s gothic structure over an actual Mojang product.

Of course, there are skeptics out there who believe this is a program-built world. “This has to be made with some sort of program….no f**king way this is hand built.” This makes sense since the build is just so vast.

However, we’d still say that the amount of work required to input every block and coordinate in a building program would be just as much as building the thing in Minecraft. There are so many layers and tiny bits and pieces. It’s like a giant Lego set that takes 100 hours to put together, only even more impressive.