Minecraft’s next update includes Armor Trims, will let you bling out your gear

Add a little shine to those armor pieces.

Image via Mojang

Armor is getting a little more customizable in the next Minecraft update. While the main point of armor is always to protect yourself, it’s past time that you be able to add a little flair to gear with some cosmetic changes. With that in mind, get ready for Armor Trims.

Armor Trims are new cosmetic patterns that can be inserted into your armor pieces at a Smithing Table if you have found a Smithing Template. These items are found across all kinds of biomes and some of their designs are based on the mobs from the area where you found the template. In the blog, the developers gave the example of finding piglin-inspired trim while exploring a bastion.

After you craft the trim and insert it into your armor, you can then dye it with ingots and gems to make it pop the way you want. There are 11 total patterns are coming to the game when the next update launches and each design can be dyed with ten different colors. All of them can be applied to all types of armor, including the top Netherite-made pieces.

If you are interested in taking a look at Armor Trims early, you can install the latest Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot, which has the feature implemented right now, along with other upcoming things you can expect to see in version 1.20 later this year. Unfortunately, Bedrock users will have to wait a little longer before it is brought to that version’s Preview and Beta programs.

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Announcements on the next Minecraft update have been trickling out very slowly lately, which isn’t too abnormal for the game’s annual big updates. With an expected release window of sometime this summer, there is still plenty of time before we need to see everything big that the game is bringing to its library.