MLB The Show 21 to have Stadium Creator mode for the first time ever

But can we move up the fences for easy dingers?

Image via Sony San Diego

Xbox users apparently won’t know what it is like to desperately desire a ballpark creation mode, as MLB The Show 21 will reportedly host its first-ever Stadium Creator. Although this wild new feature hasn’t been officially revealed, one eagle-eyed Redditor was able to get the first scoop of what it may entail.

“Fire up the new Stadium Creator mode and build the next great ballpark,” a now-deleted YouTube description reads in one of the game’s newest video teasers. The leak first came the way of a screenshot from Reddit user Hami_252, and soon gained several replies from others worldwide, confirming that their regional videos also detailed the mode. 

Screengrab via Reddit user Hami_252

Furthermore, the description also claimed that Road to the Show-created ballplayers can be used “across game modes to own every at-bat, every pitch, and every play.” Developer Sony San Diego previously hinted that these characters could be used outside the RPG-inspired feature, but it now sounds like they may be available in every game mode packed in.

Last year, MLB The Show 20 was the first game in the series to allow for customization of MLB teams with only an option to change which stadium they use. If this Stadium Creator does show itself this time around, users could potentially change the shape, fences, grass, and stands of their arena.

MLB The Show 21 will be out on April 20 for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and brings along several pre-order editions.