Mojang and Blackbird give us our first look at Minecraft Legends gameplay and PvP

We know how the game will look when you are in control.

Image via Mojang

During the first iteration of Microsoft’s Developer Direct showcase, Mojang and co-developer Blackbird Interactive have given us our first look at gameplay and PvP for Minecraft Legends. While the game is playable in a single-player campaign, this preview focused on the multiplayer aspect while also revealing an April 18 release date.

The main focus of Legends is building up a base area with your teammates and holding off any invading Piglins that come in by the hordes. In PvP, two teams of four players will work together to build up their base by grabbing resources while taking down the opponents. If you are looking for friends to play with, the game features online matchmaking and will have crossplay. Thus far, there is no word on cross-platform progression or what progression looks like.

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When talking about how the game plays, it was revealed that teamwork and communication are essential to be successful in Minecraft Legends. A one-man army won’t be able to take on the opposing team very successfully. Assigning roles like having one person build up the base while everyone else takes on other essential roles seems to be a big emphasis and could lead to meta builds in the future.

Image via Blackbird Interactive

Similar to the campaign version of the game, PvP worlds are procedurally generated, which makes sense considering this game is in the Minecraft universe. This will help every match feel unique. Of course, the world is only one thing you’ll need to worry about, as opposing teams and Piglins will regularly make their presence known.

We also got our first look at the different mobs that will be rideable in Legends. We don’t know what the process is of taming animals at the moment, but obviously, this will increase your movement speed and may have other benefits like increased damage or defense. As we get closer to that April 18 release date, we expect to see even more from every aspect of Minecraft Legends.