Monster Hunter Digital Event will reveal big news for Monster Hunter Rise this week

A new trailer, demo dates, and more to come from this event.

Image via Capcom

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Today, the official Monster Hunter Twitter account confirmed that there will be a Monster Hunter Digital Event later this week. This event, which takes place on January 7 at 6 AM PST/2 PM GMT, looks like it will specifically focus on Monster Hunter Rise, a Nintendo Switch exclusive that launches on March 26, 2021.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, Director Yasunori Ichinose, will be discussing Monster Hunter Rise during the event. Everything is going to be narrated by Voice Actor Natsuki Hanael. They’ll be delivering more information about the latest entry to the Monster Hunter franchise.

According to Capcom’s page on the event, the details we’ll be getting include a new trailer and a release date for the game’s demo. This will be a trial version of Monster Hunter Rise, giving players a chance to experience this new entry’s unique gameplay style, including riding and fighting alongside their Palamute.

Previous gameplay videos for the Monster Hunter Rise have revealed several new features and monsters coming to the franchise with this entry. Hopefully, during this event, we’ll get a look at a new legendary monster or some form of endgame content to keep players busy long after the campaign.