New Coats And Sandal Available In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

In celebration for this year’s Pokémon Go Water Festival, the game is offering new clothing for players to customize their trainer Avatars.

Pokémon Go’s Water Festival is a special event in the game that centers on water-type Pokémon. This year’s Water Festival began on Aug. 23 and marks the end of Pokémon Go’s summer events. This year’s Festival features specific water-type Pokémon having increases spawns near areas of water. The event also features shiny versions of Barboach and Carvanha for trainers to potentially capture. The Festival came with an update introducing the move Crabhammer, exclusive to Kingler and Crawdaunt.

Pokémon Go’s Water Festival 2019 ends on Aug. 30.

In further celebration for the event, Pokémon Go is making new clothing available during the Festival. In the game, players can customize their trainer avatar with clothing that they can buy at the Style Shop. The first piece of clothing was new coats. There are three new coats available for purchase in the Style Shop. The inspiration behind the coats’ designs was from the three teams in Pokémon GoMystic, Valor, and Instinct.

Not long later, Pokémon Go revealed it is releasing new sandals for the Style Shop. The Sandals are also similarly based on the three teams of Pokémon Go.

The tweet announcing these unique pieces of clothing did not specify if these pieces of clothing are available for a limited time, or if they’re a permanent addition to the game.