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New Forspoken deep dive trailer details the game’s side activities, including time travel

Get a glimpse of Athia before the Break.

Forspoken is still a few months out from release, which means there’s plenty of time for Square Enix to give us additional details about what to expect from the magic- and parkour-filled adventure. The latest deep dive from the developer goes into the side activities that players will be able to get into across the world of Athia.

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Titled Exploring Athia, the video touches on 10 different diversions the game offers. One of the most intriguing categories is the Flashback. These let you witness the world as it was before the Break, the name given to the evil force destroying the land. Flashbacks sound a bit like time-traveling, allowing Frey to play (and replay) different challenges set in the past.

In addition to the new deep dive, there’s a PlayStation Blog post that goes into additional detail about these activities. Dungeons known as Locked Labyrinths each have their own maze-like passages and mini-bosses to battle. There are also Founts of Blessing, Spellcraft Challenges, and Combat Challenges that will help you rank up your various skills. Magic combat already looks good, but you can cast even more powerful spells if you put in the work.

Frey can find Monuments all across the map, some of which can only be reached using magic parkour. Old Coins are hidden out there too, and they can be traded for items and crafting supplies. You’ll also be able to track down missing familiars. Forspoken will have a photo mode, and the last of the 10 side activities is a dice game known as Partha. This will confer stat boosts upon Frey depending on how she rolls.

There’s certainly a lot going on in Forspoken. It’s no wonder the game was delayed to January so that the team could finish up its “final polishing stage.” Either way, that’s not too far away now. Forspoken’s release date is January 24, 2023.

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