New Fortnite leaks give a tantalizing glimpse at the game’s future

Pinch of salt time.

Image via Epic Games

While leaks are not always accurate, they are always fun, especially when it comes to Fortnite. A reliable source recently posted a slew of them to the FortniteLeaks subreddit, and if you are wondering how to treat the leaks, this same person was quite on the money when it came to Season 6.

The leaks cover all manner of things, from new skins, events, and general news to huge reveals, so read ahead at your peril if you don’t want to deal with any spoilers.

Up first, Ariane Grande will reportedly be having a concert in the game soon, and the setup and event have already been tested. A skin in the Item Shop will accompany this much like the Marshmellow and Travis Scott concerts. In other skin-related leaks, the DC skins will continue as members of both the Justice League and the Suicide Squad will be making their way to the game. Hopefully, we get a Killer Croc skin.

There are supposedly plans in place to try and get some cross-branding with Naruto for the Season 8 battle pass, but it feels like this might be the easiest to dismiss, as these types of deals are generally worked out well in advance.

Kevin the Cube will apparently return at the end of Season 7, under the control of a new major story character that will be introduced at the same time. This will lead to a complete map redesign in Chapter 3 and the return of the Seven. Chapter 2, Season 8 is slated to introduce an element called “The Sideways,” and you can consider this to be similar to Stranger Things, including the monsters.

So, all in all, some pretty wild stuff in the leaks, but not too much that you can instantly dismiss without at least considering it as a possibility. The most interesting one for us is certainly the complete map rework, as things have perhaps gotten a little stagnant.