New Genshin Impact Banner features Klee, Sucrose, Xingqiu, and Noelle

Make a wish.

Genshin Impact

It’s time for a new Banner in Genshin Impact, and this time it will feature Klee, Sucrose, Xingqiu, and Noelle. The new Sparkling Steps Banner will be live in the game on October 20, at 18:00 server time.

As far as banners go, it is not that bad. Klee is considered a higher tier DPS, and Xingqiu and Noelle are both pretty valuable supports. Sucrose is perhaps the lowest tier character included in this Banner; as a Support Anemo character, they simply don’t stack up that well against characters like Venti.

The good thing about Genshin Impact’s Banner system is that if you don’t want any of these characters, you can simply save those wishes for a new Banner. While Klee might be highly sought after at the moment, anyone who has Diluc is probably in a good place for Pyro DPS and can simply wait for a new Banner with a more relevant character for them.

Noelle is a more interesting proposition, and she can actually be far more effective than most people realize. With the right build, her damage output and healing both are impressive thanks to her use of the Claymore, and she can certainly have a place in high-tier activities that have a lot of Hydro enemies where the more meta healers like Barbara will struggle to have a real impact.

So, all in all, not a bad Banner, but certainly something that you can skip on if there is nothing that appeals to you. With new characters on the way in Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update, it may be a good idea to hold on to those Wishes until November 11.