New Genshin Impact leak shows potential characters from the faraway Fontaine

The floodgates are open.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The floodgates are opening, and we’re getting some leaks about a few potential new characters in the faraway land of Fontaine. The world of Genshin Impact has numerous different regions, including Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and most recently Sumeru. The next region to come to the game is Fontaine, but that’s still a ways away. However, this hasn’t stopped a leaker from releasing some concept art supposedly about some new Fontaine characters.

These leaks include two characters, one supposed Geo character, and another supposed Hydro character. According to the leak, the Geo character is named Yuelyn and bears a Geo vision, and is a leader of the “faction of light.” Meanwhile, Soutine is the Hydro character, who dons a claymore. The leak goes on to mention that it’s unclear if Soutine is the Hydro Archon, but that data on this character was found back in June, making her a potential early release.

Soutine wears a costume resembling a butterfly, while Yuelyn is decked out with mero fancy jewelry, a noble hat, and other decorations. Supposedly, multiple leakers have waged guesses on the identities of these two upcoming characters, so it’s important to take information coming out on this leak with a grain of salt before the official release.

According to Twitter user Mero, these leaks supposedly come from a closed-invite Telegram channel named “Icarus,” where “stolen concepts, recorded gameplay,” and other information were posted. Among these leaks were the recent Mika and Dehya splash art leaks. Due to the former leaks, Mero stated “everyone who was in this group began to leak everything without any control.”

Regardless of the validity of these leaks, a number of leaks have been shared over the past couple of weeks, including a pixelated image of a potential upcoming character. Check back in for any official announcement about these characters in the future.