New server-side update for Hitman 3 fixes inconsistencies with mastery levels and XP

Increasing your mastery level should now be consistent in each location.


A server-side update for Hitman 3 has corrected some inconsistencies with increasing the mastery level of all locations. Before the update, gaining experience for your mastery level was noticeably slower in some locations compared to others.

The update is specifically for locations in Hitman 3. If you’ve ever felt like your mastery level is far too low for the amount you’ve played in a particular area, you should now notice that you earn more experience with every Contract you complete there. Since this update is server-side, there’s nothing new for players to download.

We’ve experienced this lack of consistency first-hand. The location that always stood out to us was Berlin. No matter what rank we ended a mission with, the experience gained never matched what we saw in other locations such as Dubai or Dartmoor. This update should level this out.

A location’s mastery level is increased with every completed mission, whether it’s the campaign or a separate Contract. The higher your rank at the end of the mission, the more experience you’ll earn towards that mastery level.

Increasing a location’s mastery level unlocks new starting locations, weapons, and places to stash useful items throughout the area. With each new level, you’re able to perform more impressive assassinations and pull down your Silent Assassin run time.

For example, the lethal poison that could be quite useful in Hitman 3’s first Elusive Target is unlocked by increasing your mastery level in Berlin. Furthermore, having more starting locations and stashes makes completing a mission with a rank of Sniper Assassin much easier because you don’t need to carry around an obvious weapon all the time.