New World void gauntlet coming to public test server, releasing today

Welcome to the void.

Image via Amazon Games

New World has had a rocky start, with bugs cropping up left and right with nearly every update. To help combat these problems, the development team has created a new public test realm all players with the main New World game can access. In it are future quests and builds of upcoming content, such as the new void gauntlet weapon.

In the public test realm, players will be directly provide feedback to the development team about any problems they encounter, such as crashes, missing text they find in dialogue, glitches, and additional issues they find while playing. The public test realm will be available starting today, and everyone can access it.

We also receive our first look of the upcoming weapon in the public test realm, the void gauntlet, set to release to New World in the future. It’s the first weapon to scale with the Focus and Intelligence, hopefully appeasing any Life Staff mains in New World.

Additional changes include connecting all Trading Posts in the game. Now, if you’re making a transaction at First Light, you can purchase an item that’s across the game, such as in Brightwood. However, the taxes to have it transported to you will be extremely high, potentially making the purchase unattractive.

Other changes include additional enemies, more enemy quests, enemy variety, a legendary weapon quest for the void gauntlet, and more PvP faction quests. Hopefully, the public test realm gives Amazon Games a bit more of a heads up of something that’s game-breakingly broken before they push to the main server, giving all players ample time to adjust and provide feedback to sudden changes the development team makes.