Newcastle can fly across the map in Apex Legends, fan video shows

Leaping into action never looked so absurd.

Image via EA

It’s not unusual to look up during an Apex Legends match and see characters flying through the air. Squads use jump pads to get around the maps all the time, and Valkyrie has her own jetpack. Heavily armored Newcastle, however, is not someone you’d expect to see flying across the map like Superman — but it’s totally possible.

Apex Legends YouTuber RossTheeSquirrel proved it in a new video, showcasing what appears to be a glitch or exploit around Newcastle’s Ultimate ability. While Loba’s bracelet is causing problems again, Newcastle’s Castle Wall technique is giving players unexpected mobility. Normally, this move lets the Legend target a teammate, fly to their side, and slam down his shield, forming a protective wall. The thing is, it can lock on to teammates no matter their elevation, as long as they’re within your line of sight — deathboxes included. RossTheeSquirrel shows how this can be used to leap toward Valkyrie’s jetpack as it ascends or cross massive portions of the map. Newcastle can be seen on the World’s Edge map leaping all the way from a Skyhook rooftop to Bloodhound’s Trials up on a cliff.

As RossTheeSquirrel demonstrates, this lets Newcastle “fly across” the map to a maximum of roughly 200 meters. If you don’t reach your target, the glitch causes your Ultimate to reset to 70% full. About 30 seconds later, you can do it again. Most of the time, teammates are going to be in relatively close proximity in Apex Legends, but should they be completely separated, Newcastle can theoretically leap across a full map with just a few Castle Walls jumps. If developer Respawn keeps the 200-meter limit and accompanying glitch, this could become a significant part of the game’s meta.

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