No killing curse could stop Hogwarts Legacy from selling over 12 million units in first two weeks

That’s one potent levitation spell.

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While the Harry Potter franchise has been a staple in entertainment fandoms for over two decades, no one could anticipate just how successful Hogwarts Legacy would become when it launched this month. Avalanche Games has been working on Hogwarts Legacy for several years and were releasing the game to a group of both excited players and a public outcry for a boycott of the franchise. No killing curse could stop this express train from becoming a financial success, however, as Hogwarts Legacy has now been confirmed to have sold over 12 million units in the span of two weeks.

Variety broke the news that Warner Bros. Games has raked in $850 million in global sales based on moving more than 12 million Hogwarts Legacy units since launch. The game is now the biggest global launch for the company ever, and it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise based on how many records Hogwarts Legacy has now shattered.

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During early access, Hogwarts Legacy set the record for most concurrent viewers for a single-player game on Twitch at 1.3 million people, beating out Cyperbunk’s 1.14 million previous record. The game also toppled Elden Ring’s launch week sales in units sold, baffling everyone who thought such a troubled IP could never crush the behemoth FromSoftware title.

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Hogwarts Legacy is riding high as a hippogryph right now. This is quite impressive for a new title made by a studio that, before the wizarding world, focused on Disney games. Avalanche Games has been working hard to patch the title’s performance issues on consoles and PC. The WB Games president David Haddad has even mentioned that Hogwarts Legacy is likely to get a sequel now that its success is solidified.