Popular Final Fantasy XIV streamer Zepla in hot water after defending Hogwarts Legacy stream


Screenshot by Gamepur

Zepla, an extremely popular Final Fantasy XIV streamer, has been an admired presence within the MMO’s community for many years. With the war in Ukraine, fans even rallied around her as she was forced to flee her home. She has always shown warmth and has had sensible opinions and charm during her streams. However, the waters have become a little rocky as Zepla now finds herself channeling protective spells after choosing to stream the controversial Hogwarts Legacy game.

The streamer has been trending on Twitter, with players on both sides of the issue vocalizing their opinions on Zepla’s monologue that she used to explain her motivations. In the nearly 30-minute speech, Zepla explains that she supports trans rights, but is able to separate the franchise from the author, stressing that she has no admiration for JK Rowling.

She decided to play the game after witnessing the extreme backlash against fellow streamers whom she believes to be genuinely good people. She clarifies that she shouldn’t have to pass a purity test to justify her purchase and that Rowling will remain a billionaire whether or not the game succeeds.

The internet can be a volatile place, and accusations are flying that the streamer banned certain people from her chat who rocked the boat. Others have uploaded clips from the stream to use as snippets in their arguments against her. One thing is certain. A lot of fans are disappointed in her response.

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Many prominent streamers have been met with pushback over streaming Hogwarts Legacy. While JK Rowling isn’t directly involved in the game, her troubling comments, anti-trans rhetoric, and alleged anti-semitic stereotypes have caused quite a stir over the years, leaving many to show disappointment toward people who still choose to engage in her franchise.