Different Numbers Are Being Shown Above The Fornite Black Hole


For those players who are sitting around and watching either the space that the Fortnite login screen used to occupy or a live stream of it, there might be a reason to keep it on.

Even though it seems like there is nothing happening outside of the occasional swell of lights and music, there is another secret being shown in the shadows.

Seemingly at random, a burst of light will happen, accompanied by the swell mentioned above of music, but it isn’t just doing that to change the scenery. It is also being used as a way to distract from the dark numbers being displayed above the void.

It is unclear if there is a pattern to these numbers or what exactly they mean, but it is something that will surely reveal details about what is coming next for Fortnite in some capacity. Epic Games is known for its clever use of riddles in situations like this, but there is no clue out there yet.

As of now, the three numbers shown were 11, 146, and 15. All of them have appeared at different times, with seemingly no correlation between each other. More information will probably come out soon, along with either a new number or a more detailed clue, leading the community on a chase to discover just what is happening to one of the biggest games on the planet.


As it turned out, those first three numbers had a second meaning, as they led fans who put the combination of 11, 146, 15, and the newly shown 16 into Google Maps, it took them to a street view of the Crab Rave meme.

And after that was discovered, even more, numbers started popping up at an increased pace. There is still no reasoning behind them, but it looks like it is more than just a meme like some thought initially.

Until the even actually ends and whatever is next for Fortnite gets a reveal, these numbers will remain a mystery.