Outriders devs offering a sneak peak at the demo before it lauches later this week

A demo so large that it even warrants its own separate reveal presentation.

Image via People Can Fly

As sci-fi looter shooter Outriders will be releasing a massive demo later this week, developer People Can Fly and Square Enix have announced a February 24 live presentation which will detail what exactly the free chuck of gameplay holds.

The livestream, dubbed Outriders: Into the Fray, will be premiering this Wednesday at 5 PM GT, 12 PM ET, and 9 AM PT, on Outriders’s YouTube channel. According to its trailer, the presentation will be touching on subjects like Outriders’s character classes and customization, gameplay, and will even dive into some of its exclusive PC features.

So far, Outrider’s demo is said to hold the entirety of the game’s prologue segment, with players beginning their journey as a galactic soldier in hopes of defeating a mysterious alien army known as The Anomaly. In terms of gameplay, this free preview will also bear all four of its character classes and cross-progression into the full game.

The demo is officially scheduled to release on February 25 at 5 PM GT and 12 PM ET for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Steam. As for the full game, initially set to launch last October, it has recently been delayed to April 1 and will also come to Google Stadia, alongside the demo’s supported platforms.