Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded – how to use it, and what it does?

Eight-legged freaks.


Spiders. We don’t really like them. It’s not their fault, but it is not ours either. Thankfully, Obsidian has taken our fears into account when making Grounded, and it has a special feature that will reduce the terrifying impact of spiders and turn them into something much easier to manage. 

How to use Arachnophobia mode


To use Arachnophobia mode, you will need to go into the Accessibility menu from the main screen. The very first option there is a slider. You can set it at 0 when spiders will appear normally, or you can set it any other point to reduce the detail of the spiders, making them less spider-like.

What does it do?

Each step on the slider will remove detail from the spider’s models in the game. At 0, they will appear as normal spiders, and at five, they will appear as a textureless body, with no legs. To make the whole thing even better, you don’t even have to see the example spider unless you want to, so you never have to see a spider if you don’t want to.

This is a great example of accessibility in-game from Obsidian, as in Grounded, you are basically fighting giant spiders, which can certainly be an issue for some people out there. If you are deathly afraid of them, we would suggest setting the slider to 5 to reduce to spiders to little more than loot pinatas that you can easily boop around in the game without fear.

The slider will not change any aspect of how the spiders play in the game, and will not interfere in your ability to play with other people in multiplayer.