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Overwatch 2 enters the eye of the storm with One Punch Man’s Terrible Tornado as a Kiriko skin

The teal hair is fire.

Today the Overwatch 2 team has revealed one of the new skins coming as part of the One-Punch Man collaboration that’s launching on March 7. This skin is for the support hero Kiriko, which gives her a Terrible Tornado style. Previously, we’ve also seen a Doomfist skin that’s inspired by Sitama, but this one might be even better.

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The Legendary Terrible Tornado skin for Kiriko will be launched as part of the bundle for the collaboration which will cost 2,100 coins in the in-game store. The bundle for this skin will include the legendary skin, the Victory Pose, and the Terrible Tornado name card as well. The skin and the rest of the One-Punch Man collaboration will be taking place from March 7 to April 6, so it will begin in just a few days.

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This is the first in-game collaboration that is major since the LEGO-inspired Bastion skin which we saw back in 2019, long before Overwatch 2 was even a thing. However, with Overwatch 2’s move to become free-to-play, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see more added down the line. After all, the easiest way for Blizzard to make money on the hero shooter is to provide fun cosmetics alongside its Battle Pass that players will want to purchase. When they can tie that into a property as beloved as One-Punch Man, that’s all the better.

Overwatch 2 is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In-game purchases can be made and the new collaboration will take place from March 7 to April 6, afterward the skins won’t be able to be purchased again. Unless, of course, the developers decide to bring them back for a second season of this collaboration somewhere down the line.

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