Overwatch 2’s Season 3 roadmap is jam-packed with new events, including a dating sim

Update your fan fictions, a dating sim is incoming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With Season 3 starting in Overwatch 2 on Tuesday, Blizzard has revealed its road map for the upcoming season. Alongside the new Antarctic Peninsula Control map, a few interesting events are coming to the game, most notably, a dating sim called Loverwatch.

Loverwatch is a text-based game that will have you choosing to go down routes for Genji or Mercy. Apparently, there is a secret ending available that will unlock an in-game highlight intro for those who find it.

The Overwatch fanbase is well-known for shipping various couples in the game. Common forged relationships in the community have been Mercy and Genji, Reinhardt and Ana, and more. We also know that Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily, and Soldier: 76 has a love interest named Vincent. Loverwatch starts on February 13, with a Cupid Hanzo skin being sold the next day in the shop for Valentine’s Day.

In March, the first Overwatch crossover event takes place with the One Punch Man collaboration, and soon after that, Pachi Marchi brings another new game mode for a limited time. Outside of those events, the Overwatch World Cup kicks off again this month for esport fans, and a swath of new skins was shown off for the new battle pass and various bundles coming to the store. This is a reminder that Overwatch Credits will be earnable again on the battle pass’ free and premium versions, and legendary skin prices are dropping.

Mercy and Sigma are getting two new bee-centric skins connected to two new bundle packs coming to the store. Mercy’s is called the Starter Pack and comes with coins and the Honey Bee skin. Sigma’s is a part of the Ultimate Battle Pass Pack, which gives you tier skips, his Bee Catcher skin, and coins for paying more to get the battle pass. With the Overwatch 2 team working on various fixes and new content, we are generally excited for the Season 3, which should be a big step forward compared to Season 2.