Things are staying chilly in Overwatch 2’s new Control map, Antarctic Peninsula, coming in Season 3

A new icy battleground approaches.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the launch of Season 3 in Overwatch 2 next week, players will be able to play a new Control map called Antarctic Peninsula. As of this writing, only a 30-second teaser video has been shared on the Overwatch 2 Twitter, but a trailer showing off everything coming to the game will go live the day before the season starts on February 7.

Control maps in Overwatch 2 are like King of the Hill: they are the best-of-three round modes in that the winning team holds control of the point until their meter reaches 100%. Both teams start on opposite sides of the map and fight over the point located in the center. Going forward, new maps will arrive to the game every other season, with those off-times introducing new heroes to the game.

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Antarctic Peninsula seems to take place in a different portion of Ecopoint: Antarctica, a Deathmatch map you can currently play in the game. If you do not know much about Overwatch lore, Mei was originally a scientist at this station investigating worsening weather patterns with her team here. During a catastrophic blizzard, the team underwent cryogenic sleep intending to wake up after the storm settled to receive more supplies. Unfortunately, Mei left the base’s sensors on, which led to a power failure, killing the entire team in their sleep except for her.

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With the above in mind, Antarctic Peninsula could hold more lore tidbits about Mei’s time at the base. The place is frozen over, and it appears that some penguins have called one of the map sections their new home. There is also what appears to be a greenhouse-like section here, but besides quick looks at the points and spawn rooms, it is hard to tell everything that is going on. Seeing what Mei has to say when she spawns into this map should be pretty interesting and maybe a bit heartbreaking.