Pauline Makes Her Racing Debut In Mario Kart Tour


On September 25th, Mario Kart Tour will be released worldwide on iOS and Android devices. As if the anticipation for the game wasn’t enough, the English version of the Mario Kart Tour Twitter account announced that Pauline will make her debut in the new racing game!

Pauline has been making more appearances even after her debut with Mario in Donkey Kong. Despite being in the first game with Mario, she would be replaced by the more known and popular Princess Peach. Pauline would make a surprising return in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series as the damsel-in-distress. In Super Mario Odyssey, she returns as a supporting character and took the hearts of many with her insanely catchy song “Jump Up, Super Star.” She has been beloved for her amazing singing and is quite the scene-stealer. After her triumphant return, Pauline has made a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She was also announced as DLC for Mario Tennis Aces.

Pauline’s racing debut will be an exciting sight to see. In the first volume of Mario Kart Tour News, her special item has been confirmed to be Lucky Seven.

Ready to play as her? She will be available from the start tomorrow!