PC players are battling the worst enemy of all in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s final demo – Stuttering and low FPS

A steady 60 FPS is a myth to current players.

Image via Team Ninja

Developer Team Ninja announced the release of the final demo for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty last week, giving fans a chance to try the game out before purchasing it to ensure they liked the challenging gameplay loop enough. However, PC players have reported various issues with the demo over the weekend, leading to some worrying about the game’s performance at launch.

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People playing the PC version of the final demo have been reporting their issues on social media with the rest of the community. A ResetEra user explained that they couldn’t get a solid 60 FPS using a 3080, with the FPS varying between 40 to 60 at 1080p. Another user said despite the game being on Game Pass, they’re avoiding playing PC titles on the day of release because they want a patch to fix these issues before they have to deal with them.

Another user has outlined how the game is filled with CPU bottlenecks. This comes down to the optimization of tasks the game asks your PC to run, and many of them come all at once, requiring power and processing from the same parts of your rig. If these bottlenecks were ironed out, the game would likely run much better immediately.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released on March 3. The game comes from the developer of the exceptional Nioh series and requires players to learn a lot of mechanics and master them in order to overcome each boss. However, this becomes even more challenging than you think when frames drop suddenly, or the screen starts to stutter. You need to track what enemies are doing and counter them, which is impossible when you can’t see their exact position reliably.

This isn’t the first game to launch with issues on PC in recent memory, though. The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space Remake had similar issues at launch. It’s possible that developers aren’t able to account for the sheer variations of hardware users may have, but there could be another issue we’re unaware of. The messaging from fans and players on this is quite clear, they’d rather see the game delayed and launched without bugs and glitches than play it with them. Maybe Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will serve as a wake-up call.