Player utilizes Elevenlabs Voice AI to generate voice-acted quests in World of Warcraft

To surprisingly great effect.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Elevenlabs Prime Voice AI is a truly remarkable piece of technology. Recently, the program has found a lot of popularity with gamers utilizing it to hilarious effect. Videos of presidents engaging in heated Pokémon battles is one of the funniest memes to come out of it, but the software can also be employed in more wholesome ways. One player in World of Warcraft has even managed to use Elevenlabs Voice AI to generate voice-acted quests with impressive results.

The software does a surprisingly good job at reading the quest text in World of Warcraft. It isn’t absolutely stunning, but all the inflection points are well spoken, and there is a certain calming demeanor to the speech. This technology could very well be a great accessibility option for players who have trouble reading or cannot see well.

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World of Warcraft has thousands of quests and side quests to complete, but each one involves reading through a barrage of text. Most players simply click accept and don’t engage with the quest text, though Blizzard has made some strides over the years to put more voice acting into important questlines.

Fans on social media have been responding to these voice-acted quests with a large amount of interest. It is way more immersive to have characters talk to you in an RPG than it is to read through dialogue. Some wonder if this is a future that Blizzard could head in, using AI to generate voices to all quest content in one fell swoop. Obviously this should only be used for casual quest content and cannot replace the importance of hiring voice actors for quality work.

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The world of Azeroth is vast, and if Elevenlabs Voice AI can do a good job at providing enough unique voices, this technology could very well be an amazing addition to the game.