Players can experience the terror of Metroid Fusion once more on the Nintendo Switch Online

Parasite X returns.

Image via naswinger on YouTube

Metroid fans are over the moon with recent announcements related to the franchise. With the release of Metroid Prime Remaster, players get to experience one of the most acclaimed Metroid games on the Switch, but Nintendo wasn’t done, with more Metroid games coming to the console. While there’s still no new information on the fabled Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo gave series fans a nice extra gift to go along with Prime Remaster; the popular GameBoy Advance title, Metroid Fusion, is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online next week.

The timing for Metroid Fusion on Switch couldn’t be any more perfect. Nintendo recently announced that GameBoy Advance games were coming to the Nintendo Switch Online earlier in the year. Fusion is also a companion title to Metroid Prime, as both games were initially released around the same time. With Prime Remaster now out, Fusion re-releasing soon afterward makes sense.

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The original Metroid Prime had a Fusion suit only available to players who connected their GameBoy Advance copy of Fusion to their Nintendo GameCube. After the Prime Remaster was released, players wondered if there was any way to gain the Fusion Suit. There was no way to receive the Fusion Suit when Prime Remaster was released, but with Fusion re-releasing on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo may offer players a way to transfer the Fusion suit onto their save file of Prime Remastered.

Metroid Fusion will be available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack members on March 9. The game is a direct continuation of Super Metroid, with Samus getting infected by a deadly X parasite. She turns into a Metroid hybrid to ward off the infection and ends up stranded on a space station infected by the X parasite. Since the Metroid Prime trilogy took place before the events of Metroid II, Fusion was the last game in the Metroid chronology until Metroid Dread.