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Image via Nintendo

All Energy Tank locations in Metroid Prime Remastered

Take a few more hits.

Samus Aran is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, but at the start of Metroid Prime Remastered, she’s a little underpowered, particularly when it comes to the amount of health she has. Luckily, scattered throughout Tallon IV are Energy Tanks, which bump up Samus’ health by 100 points each. There are 14 to find, hidden away in all five of the game’s main areas. Here’s where to find every one.

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How to find all Energy Tanks in Metroid Prime Remastered

Chozo Ruins

Transport Access North

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is likely to be the first Energy Tank you happen across in your travels across Tallon IV. After beating the Hive Mecha in the Chozo Ruins and reclaiming your Missiles, go through the door straight ahead to enter Transport Access North. You probably won’t be able to enter the tunnel here yet, but you can still grab the Energy Tank floating right in front of you above a patch of Tangle Weed.


Screenshot by Gamepur

After beating the Incinerator Drone and getting your Morph Ball Bombs back, you’ll be able to solve the generator puzzle in the Chozo Ruins Energy Core and open the way to Furnace. Early on in the game you won’t be able to use the Spider Ball track here and will only be able to roll through the ground-level tunnel, but that’s all you need to do to pick up this room’s Energy Tank.

Main Plaza

Screenshot by Gamepur

You might spot this Energy Tank on your first journey through the Main Plaza in Chozo Ruins, but it’s too high to reach. Luckily, you can make your way around to this high ledge via the Vault, which is accessed off the Magmoor Caverns North elevator room, and which itself contains a Missile Expansion for those well-versed in using the Morph Ball Bombs.

Hall of the Elders

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finding this Energy Tank requires the use of the Ice Beam, and involves the three colored Bomb slots behind the central statue in the Hall of the Elders. After clearing the place out of ghosts, fire the Ice Beam at the white slot to activate it, then drop a bomb in it to rearrange the room a little. Jump into the statue’s hands in Morph Ball form to let it roll you straight into a secret room off the main Hall, which houses an Energy Tank. Incidentally, the red Bomb slot hides a Chozo Artifact if you have the Plasma Beam handy.

Training Chamber

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final Chozo Ruins Energy Tank requires some serious upgrades to access, so you’ll likely be waiting until quite late in the game to get it. You’ll need to use the Grapple Beam to get across the Magma Pool off the Ruined Fountain — grabbing a Power Bomb expansion en route if you want it — and wend your way round to the Training Chamber. Here, clear out the Chozo Ghosts and use your Boost Ball ability in the half pipe to get up to one of the Morph Ball Bomb slots. The one on the left as you enter opens the way out of this room, but the other one activates an elevator and Spider Ball track that will lead you into a hidden alcove containing the Energy Tank. It’s on a timer, though, so be quick after you activate the Bomb slot.

Magmoor Caverns

Transport Tunnel A

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find this Energy Tank in Transport Tunnel A in Magmoor Caverns, which connect the Monitor Station and the elevator to Phendrana Drifts North. In this Morph Ball maze, you’ll need to use double bomb jumps to climb long vertical passages. Unfortunately, most of them have breakable boxes at their bases which will be temporarily destroyed after two Bombs. Thankfully, the remaster lessens the frustration a bit by allowing Samus to jump in Morph Ball mode by pressing X. By doing this, you can lay a Bomb in mid-air and jump back up to it without sacrificing the breakable boxes and risking being sent back to the start. Climb your way to the top to find the Energy Tank.

Magmoor Workstation

Screenshot by Gamepur

Scanning a pump in the Magmoor Workstation will reveal that there are three Power Conduits that need to be energized to start the puzzle leading to this room’s Energy Tank. Find all three with the Thermal Visor — they’re all right next to the gates blocking off the lava channels — and power them up with the Wave Beam to activate the pump and clear out one lava channel underneath. Roll into the underground network — it’s recommended to take out the Triclopses with Bombs as soon as possible — and follow the channel to find a console. Scan it to drain another channel, which in turn hides another console. Make your way there before the time runs out, scan the next console, and the final channel will drain. Scoot on over to that one, and you’ll find an Energy Tank in a hidden alcove within.

Phendrana Drifts

Ruined Courtyard

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s easy to miss this Energy Tank in the scramble to get to the upper levels of this room, but it’s pretty easy once you know it’s there. First, activate both Spinners at either end of the room using the Boost Ball, and then use the activated Morph Ball Bomb slot to raise the water level. Hop over to the other end of the room using the ice floats and jump into the hole in the wall in Morph Ball form to roll on down to where this Energy Tank is hiding.

Research Lab Aether

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the depths of the Phendrana Space Pirate compound, you’ll spy this Tank floating in a glass tube at the bottom level of Research Lab Aether. Unlike a lot of these obstacles made of Bendezium or Cordite, this one doesn’t require any particularly special moves to break it — simply fire a regular Missile at it to shatter it and claim your prize inside.

Transport Access

Screenshot by Gamepur

As with a lot of collectibles in Phendrana, you’re likely to spy this Energy Tank far earlier than you can claim it. In the Transport Access room, which connects the Frozen Pike to the elevator for Magmoor Caverns South, you can see a side passage blocked off by ice. Come back here later on with the Plasma Beam to melt the ice blocking each end and pick up the Energy Tank.

Tallon Overworld

Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma

Screenshot by Gamepur

Both Energy Tanks in the Tallon Overworld area can be found in the wreckage of Research Frigate Orpheon from the game’s prologue. The crash site can be found near Samus’ Landing Site, but you won’t even be able to get inside without at least having the Ice Beam in your arsenal. Once inside, make your way to the Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma — the lift is obviously no longer running, but you can bust it open with a Missile to pick up the Energy Tank within.

Hydro Access Tunnel

Screenshot by Gamepur

Towards the end of your exploration of the crashed frigate — for which you’ll need the Gravity Suit as well as the Ice Beam — you’ll find yourself in an underwater Morph Ball maze in the Hydro Access Tunnel. At the top of a very tall vertical shaft, an Energy Tank lurks, and you’ll need to use another double bomb jump to get to it. Unlike in Magmoor Caverns, though, your Bombs provide a lot more lift underwater, so you’ll need to adjust your timing accordingly to reach the top and get the Tank.

Phazon Mines

Ventilation Shaft

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first time you pass through this room, a bunch of Puffers will burst in and fill it with toxic gas. On your return, with Power Bombs in hand, you can get your revenge. Set one off over the Bendezium grate near the door to Omega Research, then drop inside and follow the Morph Ball tunnel to find a console. Scan it to set the fans whirring, which serves not only to clear out the Puffers but also to reveal an Energy Tank at the other end of the room.

Processing Center Access

Screenshot by Gamepur

What will likely be the final Energy Tank you acquire comes, appropriately enough, after one of the toughest fights in the game. After besting the Omega Pirate — no small feat in itself — take the elevator to the top level of the Elite Quarters and head through the door into Processing Center Access. Right in front of you will be an Energy Tank, a fitting reward for a hard-as-nails boss battle.

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