Players can upgrade Dying Light 2 Stay Human to next-gen versions for free

Stomp infected heads on any platform you want.

Dying Light 2 suffers fresh blow as art director leaves Techland, game status still unknown

Image via Steam

Not everybody has been able to nab a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S yet, and developers have been accommodating of that. Multiple next-gen games are getting last-gen releases, or in some special cases, users will be able to upgrade last-gen games to their next-gen versions for no cost.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been at the center of a lot of those concerns, and for good reason. The game was announced back in 2018, and mention of the game running on next-gen hardware wasn’t made until the recent Dying2Know stream from developer Techland. We can now confirm that last-gen Dying Light 2 players will be able to upgrade the game to its next-gen version for free.

On Twitter, IGN associate tech editor Taylor Lyles shared that they had received an email from Techland confirming that the game would have a next-gen upgrade path. “Regarding the upgrade path for Dying Light 2,” reads the email, “if consumers pre-order the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, they’ll be able to play it on both the old and new generation of consoles thanks to a free next-gen update.”

It’s not clear if players will only be able to upgrade the game if they pre-order it or if this deal applies to all last-gen copies of Dying Light 2.