Playground Games fixes a multitude of issues in the new Forza Horizon 5 patch.

Getting its oil changed.

Image via Microsoft

In a year where many games have been broken at launch and light on features, Forza Horizon 5 has been a shining light in comparison. Sadly, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Playground Games, the developer behind the hit racing game, has been focused on updating the ever-present bugs impacting online and its many game modes. Thankfully, they’ve made strides since releasing the November hotfix and have now dropped a significant patch.

This patch won’t be the last, but it features drastic improvements to Horizon’s multiplayer and Accolades systems while squashing pesky bugs. The most significant of these changes focus on Horizon’s “Horizon Arcade.”

In Horizon Arcade, you and a group of players are tasked with completing ever-escalating challenges set around the open world. This game mode has made previous appearances in the Horizon series, except this implantation was particularly difficult to finish in smaller groups. It’s been confirmed that the difficulty was with challenges not scaling when the mode had fewer players present. Thankfully, this has been fixed, as well as nine other Horizon Arcade-related issues.

We have also seen over 15 updates to the Accolade system, ranging from bug fixes to adding the ability to jump to rewards directly. That means no more scrolling through the vast Accolades list to claim that new reward. These quality of life improvements are always much appreciated, and this patch features even more, which you can find here.