PlayStation Now Finally Drops In Price, Adds Several Blockbuster Games

God of War 4

Sony’s PlayStation Now cloud-gaming service has been pretty dependable for the most part, offering gamers the chance to play classic PlayStation 3 games and download select PS4 titles as well. But, dang it, the price was just too high, going for $20 a month or $100 a year. Thankfully, it looks like Sony has finally opted to fix this, and has now made it more reasonable for everyone to enjoy most of its hit games not only on the PlayStation 4 but also PC.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, the company announced new pricing tiers for the service. It’ll now go for $9.99 a month; $24.99 for three months; and $59.99 for a year in the United States. The pricing tiers break down via region:

  • US: $9.99 – monthly / $24.99 – quarterly / $59.99 – yearly (from $19.99/ $44.99/ $99.99)
  • CAN: $12.99 – monthly / $34.99 – quarterly / $79.99 – yearly (from $19.99/ $44.99/ $99.99)
  • EU: €9.99 – monthly / €24.99 – quarterly / €59.99 – yearly (from €14.99/ (N/A)/ €99.99)
  • UK: £8.99 – monthly / £22.99 – quarterly / £49.99 – yearly (from £12.99 / (N/A) / £84.99)
  • JP: ¥1,180 – monthly / ¥2,980 – quarterly / ¥6,980 yearly (from ¥2,500 / ¥5,900/ (N/A))

Offering more than 800 games across PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, this is a pretty huge deal for those that wanted to play their games wherever they want on PC or console. But there’s a bit more to go with that, as Sony has also added four huge blockbuster titles to the service.

First up is the 2018 Game of the Year candidate God of War, featuring awesome combat and a fluid cinema-style design that’s among the PS4’s best. Yes, fans, you can download and play this right now.

Next up is Grand Theft Auto V. For those that may have missed out on this over the past few years, you can finally jump into both singleplayer and Grand Theft Auto Online and see it for yourself. (You’ll need to download the game to enjoy GTA Online, however.)

Infamous: Second Son is up next, with Sucker Punch returning to its awesome franchise with an all-new hero, this time taking place in Seattle.

Finally, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End lets you finish Nathan Drake’s journey in style, with Naughty Dog doing some of its best work to date (aside from the upcoming The Last of Us Part II.)

These games will be available through January 2, so players have quite a bit of time to enjoy them. Sony has also promised other “marquee” games will revolve through the service, which means favorites like Marvel’s Spider-Man and MLB the Show 19 may not be far behind.

Check out the trailer below to see what PlayStation Now is all about!