New Ghost Horse Pokémon teased in 24-hour Pokémon Sword Shield Live Stream


A new Pokémon got spotted during the 24-hour live stream event going on right now. You can check out right now. Nintendo attempts to get a wildlife-like program going showing off old, and new, Pokémon from the upcoming Galar region.

The Horse-like Pokémon galloped across the screen for a few seconds. If you check out the picture above, you can briefly catch part of its body hidden behind the bushes. It looks like a ghost pegasus with a wavey, spooky hair trailing along its body.

The perfect Pokémon to get shown during this time of the year, given we’re in October, and we’re getting closer to Halloween, which hints at the background we see here with the dozens of mushrooms and eerie forest.

We’ve already seen other a few other Pokémon today pop up across the screen. You can expect to see more as the day goes by with Nintendo wanting to get people pumped up for the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Make sure you’re checking out the stream throughout the day, catching any new and rare Pokémon are going to trail through the camera. Hopefully, we get new moments like these with GameFreak to get new locations, such as the new areas in the new Galar region.

At this time, we do not know the name or the Pokémon-type of this ghost horse creature, but we’re going to learn more details in the future. We might not know further details until the developers are ready to disclose them. For now, they’re going to keep their secrets, and we’re going to wait to hear the answer eagerly.