Shiny Onix, Anorith, and Lileep Added Into Pokémon Go today for Limited Time Only

Pokémon GO

Screengrab via Pokémon

The first day of Pokemon Go’s latest Adventure Week has gone live. The event brings with it brand new shiny Pokemon for you to acquire, such as a shiny Onix, Lileep, Anorith, and all of their evolved forms.

You’re not only going to get the chance to encounter these rare Pokemon in the wild, but the event comes with additional perks. You’re going to see an increased spawn rate for Rock-type Pokemon, you receive four times the candy from your buddy Pokemon, ten times the experience points for visiting new Pokestops, and lastly, anyone who walks over 50 kilometers throughout the adventure is going to receive 50,000 stardust and 15 rare candies.

For those on the lookout for the new shiny Pokemon, you’ll want to hold your breath on their evolution forms, such as Steelix, Armaldo, and Cradily. You’re not going to find any of them in the wild. You have to find their starter forms first, and then evolve them to have the shiny form transfer over to the next stage. This method is the only way of acquiring these shiny forms.

Beyond these perks, you can also take part in the new Field Research tasks available to everyone. Here’s a list of these tasks, along with the respective rewards for completing them.

  • Hatch 2 Eggs — A Rare Candy or a Lileep encounter
  • Spin 25 Pokestops — Cranidos encounter
  • Catch 5 Omanyte or Kabuto — Aerodactyl encounter
  • Catch 5 Aron — Metal Coat
  • Evolve a Lileep or Anorith — Onix Encounter
  • Spin 2 Pokestops You Haven’t Visited Before — Shieldon Encounter
  • Earn 3 Candies Walking With Your Buddy — Anorith Encounter

Pokemon Go’s new Adventure Week starts now, and it ends on June 11, 4 PM EST. Make sure to jump in as soon as possible to encounter the select shiny Pokemon while you can and start on those research tasks to receive your rewards.